Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Photo Scavenger Hunt.

From left to right.

Love: This is a picture of my family. We have an unconditional love for each other.
Friendship: This group of ladies are such amazing friends, we are one huge group of loving people.
Family: This picture may not look like a family, but theses two girls are my entire world, they are my family. They know everything about me and I don't know what I would do with out them.
Confession: My confession is, is that I love to play with leggo. I may be 18 but I still love to play with it.
Black&White: This is a picture of me and my brother. No matter how much we fight I still love him to death .
My Passion: My passion is to spread the word about how bad bullying is, and I try to stop it as much as I can.
Hate: This is a picture of the last thing my first love gave to me and its heartbreaking and I hate it.
My Talent: My talent is welding, its something that im good at and love. (this is a picture of my friend )
When I was younger : This is a picture of me when I was little and lived in BC.

Reading Assignment # 2

Reading Tweets :

First love (129) #favquote "For Gods sake, this sit a movie. This is life! Pull over!"(109)

The quote above shows how much of a good girl Axi is. Soon enough she will go to the dark side and change her ways. #prediction

We already know Axi is in love with Robinson, but does he have the same feelings as she does? #question #romance

I love how this book is written like Axi's journal cuz we get to see what she's thinking . #writingstyle

I wish I had a bestfriend to fall in love with and he felt the same way. #comment

Reading Assignment #1

Reading Tweets :

First love (20)Grandma gave me this book to read. So far it's amazing! #intro

What is the big news that Axi has to tell Robinson?! #question

My favourite quote so far 'Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.' (17) #comment

I feel like their going to get caught for steeling  the motorcycle and leaving town, but I hope not. #prediction

Has anyone read this book before?!
I'm hoping it's not a sappy girly book. #discuss

Fashion Show

I cannot begin to explain this group of people. We are the most silly, sarcastic, annoying, loving, hilarious, group of people you will meet. At the beginning of all of this I was very spectacle of this group but as the weeks went on I couldn't imagine anybody else in my group. It was so amazing to see how the seniors can come together to have one magical night! I know for a fact that I will never forget this.

Quick write - which door?

I would step through the Narnia closet because it was my favorite series growing up. Who wouldn't want to go through a magical closet and end up in a beautiful land full of different creatures. I would hope that i would end up being a queen after fighting huge battles and riding on a lion. Growing up that was always my dream.