Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Photo Scavenger Hunt.

From left to right.

Love: This is a picture of my family. We have an unconditional love for each other.
Friendship: This group of ladies are such amazing friends, we are one huge group of loving people.
Family: This picture may not look like a family, but theses two girls are my entire world, they are my family. They know everything about me and I don't know what I would do with out them.
Confession: My confession is, is that I love to play with leggo. I may be 18 but I still love to play with it.
Black&White: This is a picture of me and my brother. No matter how much we fight I still love him to death .
My Passion: My passion is to spread the word about how bad bullying is, and I try to stop it as much as I can.
Hate: This is a picture of the last thing my first love gave to me and its heartbreaking and I hate it.
My Talent: My talent is welding, its something that im good at and love. (this is a picture of my friend )
When I was younger : This is a picture of me when I was little and lived in BC.

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